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Special Programs

Our courses are continually updated to reflect the most current requirements. These courses are appropriate for agents and owners as well as both new and experienced on-site staff. Select a course to find out the available formats and to read the course description. For a complete list of available courses, download our Signature Course Catalog.

Understanding HOME

Format: On-Site: 4-hour Workshop or Virtual: One 4-hour session or two 2-hour sessions
Focus: The HOME program is unique. While some of its rules sound a little like Section 8 rules and others sound a little like tax credit rules, HOME compliance works very differently from both of those programs. So, whether you are dealing only with HOME or working on a project that combines HOME with tax credits or Section 8, understanding the HOME program is essential. This course covers HOME funding, Low HOME and High HOME Income limits and rents, "fixed" versus "floating" HOME units, leases, inspections, qualifying households, recertification requirements, calculating rent at recertification, documenting, and calculating income, effects of combining LIHTC HOME on income limits, rents, compliance, noncompliance, and concludes with a quiz to find out what you have learned.

Are You Ready for RAD?

Format: On-Site: 1 – 1½ hours or Virtual: 90 minutes
Focus: As of March of 2022, 180,000 public housing units and 41,000 units of Rent Supplement, RAP and Mod Rehab had converted to a Section 8 platform through HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program which was initiated in 2012. In 2020, the 2400 202 PRACs and their 28,000 units became eligible to convert to RAD. Conversions of PRACs are picking up the pace in 2022. Congress has now approved RAD conversions for 811 PRACS and HUD is working out the details for those unique projects. Learn or refresh on what RAD is and how it changes the properties that convert. This voluntary "preservation" program is helping to stop the loss of affordable housing. It is also providing new opportunities for experienced affordable housing developers, managers, and agents from the private sector to partner with PHA's.

Introduction to Affordable Housing

Format: On-Site: 1 – 1½ hours or Virtual: 90 minutes
Focus: This webinar is designed for owners, agents and others who are new to the industry or new to some of the programs. It will provide a general understanding of government and state affordable housing programs providing multifamily housing. Gwen will provide an overview of a the following programs as well as their corresponding compliance agencies and also discuss how these programs work together to meet the housing needs of low income people.
• HUD – (Section 8, 202, 236, etc.)
• Rural Development
• Public Housing
• Bonds, and other